Jun. 14, 2010 – Snowmobile Digest

BRP Recalls Small Number of Snowmobiles

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission has announced a voluntary recall of Ski-Doo snowmobiles due to a fire hazard.
About 37 BRP Ski-Doo snowmobiles were imported from Finland by BRP US Inc. and sold at Ski-Doo dealerships nationwide from March 2009 through April 2010 for $8,000-$9,000.
Friction between the fuel hose and the electronic control unit can cause the fuel hose to wear and leak fuel, posing a fire hazard. BRP has received six reports of fuel leaks, three of which resulted in vehicle fires. One of the incidents involved a rider suffering superficial burns.
This recall involves the Ski-Doo snowmobiles model year 2010 Expedition TUV 1200 and model year 2010 Expedition TUV SE 1200.

Utility Snow Sled Hitch Recalled

Pelican International, manufacturer of boats and accessories for snowmobiles, voluntarily recalled its Snow Trek Utility sled tow hitch, according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).
About 250 hitches were recalled because the screw(s) in the hitch can become loose and fall off due to vibrations when items are being towed, allowing the sled and hitch to detach from the towing vehicle.
Pelican International has received 10 reports of the screw coming loose. However, no injuries have been reported.
The tow hitch pivot is black metal and measures about 9.25 inches in length and 3.25 inches in diameter. The hitch allows a Snow Trek sled to be connected to a snowmobile or other similar transportation device. Recalled models include Snow Trek 60 with runners and hitch, Snow Trek 75 with runners, hitch and cover, and Kit Sled Tow Hitch.
The models were sold at Paricon Inc., V.G. Grace and other regional distributors and sports retailers nationwide from January 2007 through December 2009 for about $50 if sold alone, and between $130-$250 if sold with the sled.
The hitches were manufactured in China and Canada. psb

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