Motorcycle Halls of Fame consider unified operation

The Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum, Pickerington, Ohio, and the National Motorcycle Museum & Hall of Fame, Anamosa, Iowa, have signed a “memo of understanding” to pursue a merger of their respective hall-of-fame inductees and procedures into a unified entity operated under the banner of the current Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum.
John Parham, president of the National Motorcycle Museum’s board of directors, and Mark Mendell, Chairman of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum’s board of directors, made the announcement in Daytona.
Moves toward unification
Among the principles of the agreement are:

  • Automatic enshrinement of all past inductees in both museums’ halls of fame into one merged entity;
  • Development of a single nomination and selection process for future inductees;
  • A common set of graphic standards to reinforce the brand identity of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame.

The move also would include a common Web site linked to both museums, which will feature both museums’ combined list of past inductees.
“Once fully implemented, this merger will bring a new strength of unity to our motorcycle community,” said Mendell.
“It will provide even wider recognition for those we honor in our Hall of Fame, as well as clarity for our national audience who will experience the same hall-of-fame elements in both museums.
“We think this is a real win-win for everyone and we are very enthusiastic about our potential for the future.”
For more information, contact Mark Mederski, executive director of the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum in Pickerington, 614/856-2222; or Maria Tuttle, director of the National Motorcycle Museum in Anamosa, 319/462-3925. psb

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