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October 13, 2015, Dallas, TX — What if you could have a single solution that integrates your dealer management system with real-time sales management, inventory, customer history, equity mining, marketing management and more? How about if it was as simple as an app on your smartphone but as powerful as a fully dedicated server? How about if you could access this system today? Being launched by NextGen Dealer Solutions at the AIMExpo in Orlando October 15-16, CyclePro™ promises to revolutionize dealership software at the tradeshow that is changing our industry.

Simply put, CyclePro is the only powersports software solution offering real-time sales management, equity lead generation and marketing campaign management that integrates with your dealer management system (DMS) and website provider. From the powersports customer to the frontline salesman to the management team behind the scenes – and every point in between – CyclePro makes your dealership more efficient and ultimately more profitable.

CyclePro’s sales management capabilities streamline the entire sales process for any size dealership. From capturing a lead and promoting inventory to following-up and closing a deal, CyclePro’s features will increase your sales and bring the focus back to your floor. Its Session Management™ feature simplifies the process for the sales staff and visually gives managers the insight necessary to effectively manage a robust sales team in real time. “CyclePro has changed the way we run our sales department,” says Kenny Martin from Cycle Center of Denton. “From capturing a lead to closing the deal, CyclePro’s software plays an integral part in our inventory and sales processes. With CyclePro’s mobile footprint, real-time dashboard and custom reports, our managers have saved hours of work each week – giving them more time to focus on selling.”

Kenny Martin also notes that the Customer Connect™ features make it easier for the sales team. It provides each sales person the ability to connect with the customer post-visit via e-mail or text message. All conversations are saved with the customer profile and can be viewed any time by the sales team and dealer management.

CyclePro is the first and only software to offer robust equity mining for the powersports industry. Equity mining allows dealers to view historical customer purchases, their vehicle’s estimated current value, an estimate of the customer’s loan balance and their contact information to determine if the customer has any equity in their vehicle. This provides pre-qualified opportunities to proactively sell another motorcycle or acquire needed inventory, with customers who already know and trust your dealership. Dealers can create custom reports filtered by vehicle type, transaction value, estimated equity, timeframe and APR rates. “With all this information it makes mining customers an easy task for our sales team,” exclaims Chris Hawkins from Cycle Center of Denton. “CyclePro’s equity mining tool has increased our sales each month! With the custom equity mining reports our sales team always has fresh leads along with the information they need to make a deal.”

CyclePro’s marketing management module is the most dynamic CRM and marketing tool available today. By integrating with the sales process, a dealership’s DMS and website provider, CyclePro manages your customers and their specific attributes all in one place. It’s also constantly adding new data points about customers and the inventory they are interested in as they move though the marketing and sales process. Marketing departments are now able to target specific segments of their customers with one tool. No more pulling customer information from several applications and managing multiple excel files or campaign lists – with CyclePro it is all managed on one platform and is updated in real time.

CyclePro is easy to use, always available, secure and accessible on all your devices. Experience the industry-changing dealership solution for yourself in Booth #263 at AIMExpo. Or get the holeshot on your competition at

About NextGen Dealer Solutions: NextGen Dealer Solutions is dedicated to building the best technology possible for dealerships of all sizes. With technology changing daily, dealers deserve software that changes with the times. The team at NextGen Dealer Solutions has years of experience building sales and inventory management software with teams around the world and is dedicated to giving dealers the ability to increase sales, reduce costs and deliver exceptional customer experiences.

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