New RacePace parts for Can-Am DS Turbo Maverick

News release

DragonFire just boosted Can-Am's red hot DS and DS Turbo Mavericks to RacePace! With the announcement of the first-ever factory turbocharged Side-X-Sides, Can-Am has certainly rocked the UTV world! Available in both two- and four-seat versions, the new Turbo Mavericks have really put a charge into the red hot UTV scene. Naturally DragonFire is fired up about the new DS models!

"We had to put DragonFire's signature touch on these beasts," says social media manager Chris Moore. "We went back to the drawing board and created a full line of RacePace components specifically for the new Turbo Mavericks."

From the front "Bash" bumper and Flying V/dash bar to the rear "Smash" bumper and BackBones, DragonFire has charged ahead with a full range of RacePace components for the DS Mavericks… in Manta Green, no less!


"Can-Am continues to push the envelope, no question," adds Moore. "However we know that not everyone will go green, so we are also offering new graphics for our doors and the RacePace components for the DS Mavericks will also be available in basic black powder coat."

No matter what color scheme you choose, Moore suggests others will be green with envy when you show up with a new Maverick that has been accelerated to RacePace.

"Our components are engineered to be light weight without sacrificing strength," says Moore. "RacePace accessories are totally modular so you can add as much or as little of the line as you like. Better yet, they are all bolt-on, which allows for you to add some serious protection and style to your ride without any cutting or welding required."

Time to accelerate your Turbo Maverick DS to RacePace and … FEEL THE HEAT!


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