Training Day FAQ

Q: When will the actual training day occur?
Probably in the last two weeks of May, but Powersports Business will work with the winning dealership to ensure an appropriate time for them and their staff.
Q: Are there any travel expenses from the trainers that the dealership has to pay for?
No. All costs are taken care of thanks to the contest’s sponsors, V-SEPT and Tucker Rocky. There is no fee to the dealership.
Q: If I want to enter the Training Day Contest, why do I have to fill out a form involving a totally separate contest, the Bold Ideas?
“The two contests are actually related,” explained Powersports Business Editor Neil Pascale. “Through the Bold Ideas Contest, we’re able to pass along best business initiatives that have actually been tested in dealerships. These are invaluable because of their actual real-world application, but they’re also difficult to collect since we’re inherently a pretty shy group of individuals. So we’ve created the Training Day contest to generate more Bold Idea submissions, while at the same time providing valuable in-store training to dealers.”
Q: So how long do I have to decide to enter?
The contest deadline is Thursday, May 6. Entry forms can be faxed to Powersports Business at 763/383-4499. Or dealers can e-mail Powersports Business Editor Neil Pascale with answers to the Bold Ideas contest at npascale@affinitygroup.com.

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