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Bimota Enters Utah

Salt Lake Motorsports has become one of six dealers in the United States to retail the Bimota brand.
Winner of six national and regional awards from Ducati North America, Salt Lake Motorsports is owned by Adam Childers.
“Bimota is the Top of the Top,” said Childers. “It is for the true Italian motorcycle aficionado and collector who wants a creation not available to everyone…one that he or she knows will be beyond exclusive and be owned by the very few and fortunate enthusiasts.”
Bimota North America President Jean Marc Rousseau and 75 other guests attended the grand opening.
“Our motorcycles are much more than the sum of their parts. Much more,” said Rousseau. “They are not for the individual looking only at a bike's stats. Bimota is for the person who understands what we call 'Technologia del Emozione,' 'the technology of emotion'.”
Four of Bimota's five currently available models can be found in the Salt Lake Motorsports showroom: the Ducati-powered Tesi 2d, DB5 1000 and DB6 Delirio, and the Suzuki-powered SB8K Santamonica. The SB8K Gobert remains unavailable.
Bimota North America is based in New York, New York. Other Bimota dealers in the U.S. include Beverly Hills Ducati, Ducati Miami, SuperMoto Italia in New York, Italian Motor Sports of San Antonio, Italian Motor Sports of Austin, and Scuderia West in San Francisco.

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