Buell, Sentry Work to Reduce Insurance Costs

Buell Motorcycle Company has selected Sentry Insurance as the preferred insurance provider for Buell owners in the United States.
Buell worked closely with Sentry over the last two years to find the best way to lower insurance rates on Buell motorcycles. Sentry developed a special process for calculating insurance quotes for Buell motorcycles, which does not use other sportbike insurance losses as part of the formula.
Sentry Insurance will provide quotes on older Buell models as well as new models. Additional coverage can be purchased for Buell optional equipment.
“This is the most comprehensive alliance we are aware of between a manufacturer and an insurance company with the common objective of reducing the costs of ownership and insurance,” said Jon Flickinger, President and COO of Buell Motorcycle Company.
Sentry motorcycle insurance is available through Harley-Davidson Insurance and is offered in 43 states, except Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Alaska and Hawaii.

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