JAMA: Japan’s Cycle Production Up 3% in 2005

Japan’s four largest motorcycle manufacturers produced 161,278 units in December 2005, down five percent or 8,545 units from 169,823 units produced in December 2004, according to Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA), which also said Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki produced a total of 1,791,585 units in 2005, up three percent or 52,001 units from 2004 year-end production of 1,739,584 units.
For December 2005, Honda produced 48,460 units, down from 50,571 units in December 2004; Suzuki produced 44,179 units, down from 44,812; Yamaha produced 43,588, down from 51,467; and Kawasaki produced 25,016, down from 22,954.
For the full-year 2005, Honda produced 590,251 units, down from 567,628 units in 2004; Suzuki produced 489,005 units, up from 397,104; Yamaha produced 471,254, down from 554,181; and Kawasaki produced 240,648, up from 220,308.
Read the February 13 issue of Powersports Business for further year-end statistics regarding Japan’s four major motorcycle manufacturers.

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