Japan’s October Production Up 4.6%

Japan’s four major motorcycle manufacturers produced 154,645 units in October 2005, up 6,785 units or 4.6% compared to the production of 147,860 units during October 2004, according to figures recently released by the Japan Automobile Manufacturers Association (JAMA).
Honda produced 49,201 units during the month, up from 43,545 units in October 2004; Kawasaki produced 24,621, up from 17,879; Suzuki produced 42,168, up from 33,619; and Yamaha produced 38,626, down from 52,792.
The four manufacturers exported a total of 133,034 units in October 2005, up 24,903 units or 23.0% compared to the export of 108,131 units in October 2004. The total value of the motorcycles exported in October 2005 was $708.74 million, including $607.97 million for vehicles and $100.77 million for parts.
JAMA says 61,326 units were shipped to the U.S. in October. Through October, a total of 447,155 units have been exported from Japan to the U.S. during 2005.

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