Suzuki Recalls 2005 King Quad

American Suzuki Motor Corporation is recalling all 2005 model year LT-A700X King Quad ATVs. Customer notification began October 24.
Suzuki has determined that during the assembly process of 2005 LTA700XK5 ATVs, use of an improper tie rod adjustment procedure may have caused the tie rod end housing on some ATVs to become damaged. As a result of the damage, a portion of the rubber boot surrounding the area where the attachment shaft comes out of the housing could lose its tight seal, allowing water or debris to enter the housing when the ATV is ridden. This could result in accelerated wear of the housing, and could eventually lead to separation of the housing from the attachment shaft. The problem could also occur as a result of improper tie rod adjustments made in the field. Separation of the tie rod end housing from the attachment shaft could cause the rider to lose control of the ATV and an accident resulting in injury or death could occur.
Suzuki says it will replace the steering tie rod ends with improved tie rod ends and associated parts as an assembly. Affected consumers are asked to contact a local dealer. The company said the needed repair can take up to one hour but may take longer due to scheduling at the dealership and the time needed to obtain required parts.

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