BMW, KTM Plan Protective Device

KTM and BMW are developing a device to reduce the risk of injury to the neck, the cervical spine, the spinal cord and the collarbone resulting from a motorcycle crash. The device, developed by Dr. Chris Leatt, a consulting physician for South African rally racing series, will be employed by KTM and BMW factory motorcyclists by the end of the year.
Made of carbon fiber, damping material and titanium, the prototype currently is undergoing testing at a BMW Motorrad accident research facility. The KTM and BMW team includes Leatt, accident researchers, biomechanics and accident surgeons specializing in spinal injuries.
Engineers say the brace will not reduce a rider’s head movement, but can reduce injuries such as Hyperflexion, overflexion of the head when forced forwards; Hyperextension, overflexion of the head when forced to the rear; Lateral hyperflexion, overflexion of the head when forced to the side; and Axial loading, compression of the spinal column due to the effect of force on the helmet.

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