Madison Bay Holdings Plans Military Product

Madison Bay Holdings, Inc., a Seattle-based supplier of recreational vehicles, powerboats and leisure watercraft, announced plans to modify certain watercraft for use by the military.
Madison Bay Holdings’ marine division is involved in boutique leisure product distribution and owns the rights to distribute Warlock Power Boats throughout the United States and Canada. The company also owns Summit Coaches, a division featuring upscale RV trailers, and provides a variety of financial, marketing, and sales consulting services to boat manufacturers, dealers, distributors, and leisure product/water sport companies.
“Our award-winning products provide speed, low draft, durability for high seas, and the sturdy body necessary for military use,” said Ricardo Ruelos, Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Madison Bay Holdings.
Ruelos said Madison Bay plans to plans to begin its military initiative upon receiving specifications from purchasing agents.
He said the company plans to target the military and the coast guard, both domestically and internationally, and seeks to secure the services of high ranking former naval Commanders, including a former Admiral and a recently-retired Head of the Atlantic Fleet, to serve as advisors.
For more information, visit www.madisonbayholdings.com.

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