First Class Graduates from S&S Training Center

Technicians from Arlen Ness Custom Motorcycles of Daytona hold the distinction of being the first graduates at the new S&S Training and Certification Facility in La Crosse, Wisc. Pro Tuning Center certification is achieved when two or more VFI and Sidewinder qualified technicians are on staff at a given S&S dealer. The dealer must also meet other necessary qualifications such as equipment in order to become certified. These courses give students the ins-and-outs of performance, oiling systems, carburetors, exhaust and tuning. Students will have hands-on experience with both S&S and Harley-Davidson engines utilizing S&S performance upgrades. All of the tuning and performance verification is done on Super Flow dynamometers and the technicians utilize a complete shop full of MAC tools during their training.

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