MIC Moves Forward with Standardization Program

The Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) says big changes will be taking place at the dealership parts counter by the end of the year.
Major powersports companies working together with the MIC have spent more than two years developing a standard for dealer management systems (DMS) to connect with suppliers.
With the implementation of Powersports Standard Protocol (PSP) dealers will no longer need to log into different supplier systems or phone and fax information that has to be keyed back into their business software. Business data – things like parts orders, product registrations and credit applications – will be processed in a consistent way right inside the DMS. This will increase speed, accuracy and greatly reduce the time it takes to train dealer personnel. For PSP certified adopters, dealers no longer have to learn how to log into and navigate their individual systems.
Although industry wide adoption of PSP will not take place overnight, the MIC says key companies are moving rapidly in this direction. The organization says a number of DMS providers and suppliers have already started the process of adopting PSP. Initial transactions to be rolled out are parts orders, parts locators and parts shipment information.
The MIC will help maintain the specifications, develop additional transactions, and provide testing and certification services to PSP adopters.
To find out more, dealers should contact their dealer service providers. Suppliers and DMS providers interested in adopting PSP can go to www.Mic.org and click on the PSP logo or call 949/727- 4211.

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