Sprint ST with ABS Expected in September

Triumph America, Newnan, Ga., says the ABS version of the Sprint ST will be available in U.S. dealers by September. The non-ABS version was introduced earlier in the year.
The ABS system used on the Sprint ST operates at 100 calculations per second and can sense the exact moment the wheel is about to lock up. It then releases the brake a fraction of a second to allow the wheel to regain grip before reapplying the brake. The switch controlling this process operates for a mere four milliseconds modulating the braking pressure to achieve optimum breaking.
“Many riders feel an ABS system distances the rider from his machine but this really isn’t the case,”” says Triumph’s New Product Development Manager Ross Clifford. “The system is carefully designed to be unobtrusive and to retain all riding sensation and feel. It simply adds to the rider’s control under hard braking. In particular, riders dislike the idea of a system that dictates the balance of braking between front and rear and for this reason we haven’t used a linked system. The front and rear brakes on the ST work independently.”
The ABS Sprint ST is available in Aluminium Silver, Caspian Blue, and Sunset Red and has an MSRP of $11,899.

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