Cycle Touring By Private Jet

Now motorcyclists can completely avoid riding their bikes from point A to point B and forget about those trailers and multimillion-dollar motorhomes. John Garwood, owner of Ride and Fly Tours, says motorcyclists who take part in his personally-customizable trips are flown via private jet, with bike, to riding destinations across the country.
“Motorcycling is an unparalleled way to see this beautiful country,” said Garwood, a long-time biker who conceived the idea for Ride and Fly Tours on one of his weekly flights via corporate jet.
A custom tour can be arranged with thirty days’ notice, and can include any destination the customer chooses. Ride and Fly Tours arranges a local guide with support personnel and vehicle. Upon completing a ride, customers and their bikes board a private jet to be flown to their next day’s riding adventure. The tours can include virtually any amenity available, such as a professionally driven motor home for staff or family, a personal chef and security.
“This means you can ride in Sturgis one day and Oregon the next,” said Garwood.
Visit www.RideandFlyTours.com for more information about Garwood’s business.

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