Tax Credit Program to Add 150 Jobs at Kawasaki

The State of Missouri announced the approval of development tax credits to facilitate the expansion in workforce of Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. in Maryville. The development tax credits will be used to offset a $150,000 donation to the Nodaway County Economic Development, Inc.
Kawasaki wants to use the $75,000 in credits to invest in a production training line to provide real-time assembly and quality training to produce more skilled workers for production manufacturing jobs, according to a report by the Maryville Daily Forum. The expansion plan would add an estimated 150 new employees to the existing 700 workers at the plant.
Missouri’s Development Tax Credit Program offers state tax credits – up to 50% of a donation – to eligible donors who make contributions to a not-for-profit corporation, which uses the cash to purchase certain assets and then leases them to a business.
Kawasaki Motors Manufacturing Corp. USA’s Maryville plant opened in 1989 to produce general purpose engines. Since then, the Maryville plant has grown to more than 700,000 sq. ft. on 113.7 acres of land.

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