NY Legislature Passes Sled Speed, Age Limits

The New York State Senate and Assembly passed a bill that would, among other things, set a 55 mph speed limit for snowmobiles and ban anyone under the age of 14 to ride without an adult.
Approximately 140,000 snowmobiles are registered in New York each year.
The 55 mph speed limit would be imposed on trails located on public land or maintained by snowmobile clubs - or, what lawmakers consider approximately 85% of New York's 10,000 miles of trails.
The age restriction portion of the bill bars anyone younger than the age of 14 from riding without an adult and without a snowmobile safety certificate.
Other provisions within the bill include:
- A trail development fee of $45 for members of snowmobile clubs - $100 for nonmembers - payable when a sled is registered.
- A doubling of the fine for operating a snowmobile without proper registration and certificates; raised $100 to $200.
The bill now goes to Governor Pataki for a signature. It would become law 180 days after the governor's approval.

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