Yamaha Pays Employees for “Eco-Commuting”

Japan's Yamaha Motor Co. has introduced a program through which it pays its employees for commuting in ecologically friendly ways.
Yamaha says its bookkeepers noticed that huge fuel costs for commuting were being shouldered by its employees and initiated a study of how to reduce these costs.
In December 2004, the company started giving financial assistance to its commuting employees who purchased Yamaha motorcycles or rented electric-powered Passol scooters for the purpose of commuting, and offered free lessons for obtaining motorcycle licenses.
In January 2005, Yamaha began issuing a monthly allowance of 1,000 yen ($9.70) to employees who walk and/or ride a bicycle more than one mile each day in the course of their commute to work. An allowance was also instituted for employees who use public transport Park & Ride services.
Then, in February, Yamaha opened a "Return Riders School" for beginners as well as drivers who have not operated a motorcycle for an extended period.
Yamaha says employees who have started “eco-commuting” - either on foot, bicycle or motorcycle - have reported that they also enjoy various benefits from the switch, such as the fresh air and freedom from stressful traffic congestion.

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