Ducati Enters China

Federico Minoli, Chairman and CEO of Ducati Motor Holding, S.p.A, said the company plans to begin retailing motorcycles in China.
Minoli, speaking to reporters in Shanghai on April 28 – the eve of motorcycle racing’s first-ever grand prix in China -said Ducati has a three-prong marketing strategy drawn up for its entry into the communist nation.
The first part of the strategy deals with the importation of motorcycles, accessories and spare parts into China. Ducati plans to open two stores, one in Beijing and the other in Shanghai, which will import Ducati bikes directly from Italy.
Clothing distribution is the second aspect on which Ducati is concentrating. Ducati recently reached a long-term partnership agreement with Three on The Bund, represented by Handel Lee, a successful Chinese entrepreneur in the field of large-scale retail trade. Three on The Bund Retail has already opened up a store in Shanghai to retail Ducati brand gear.
The third part of the marketing strategy deals with the development of the Ducati brand. To market to Chinese consumers interested in the high-performance brand, Ducati will organize riding schools in Beijing and Shanghai.
While there is not much of a market in China for pricey superbikes, Minoli said he believes showing the availability of the product is the first step in creating demand. “It is only by developing a passion for these esoteric and special bikes that the market can then follow us,” he said.

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