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LoJack Enters Motorcycle Market

After 18 years of tracking cars and trucks, LoJack Corporation, Westwood, Mass., has entered the motorcycle market.
LoJack's Stolen Vehicle Recovery System is directly integrated with law enforcement agencies in 22 states and more than 25 countries throughout Europe, Africa, Latin America and Asia. LoJack Police Tracking Computers are installed in police vehicles, helicopters and fixed-wing aircraft, and use radio frequency technology to track and recover vehicles, even if hidden in a garage, steel container or surrounded by dense foliage. The company claims to deliver a better than 90% success rate in recovering stolen cars and trucks.
The National Insurance Crime Bureau says motorcycle theft in the United States and Canada was up 55% from 2002 to 2003.
The new system - branded LoJack for Motorcycles - will be rolled out on a market-by-market basis in the United States, where motorcycle theft rates are highest. The product is available now at certified franchise dealers in Massachusetts and will be available in the greater Miami/Fort Lauderdale area by March 2005. LoJack For Motorcycles will also become available in Texas and California markets later in 2005. The product has a retail price of $595, and a one-time installation fee payable to the dealer. It comes with a limited two- year Original Purchaser's Warranty and a money-back guarantee if a stolen motorcycle is not recovered within 24 hours.
“As a bike owner and former police officer, I can speak on multiple levels about the
enormity of the problem of motorcycle theft,” says D.J. Thompson, LoJack Law Enforcement Liaison. “It's a very serious problem that's growing rapidly.”

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