Massachusetts eyes dirtbike, ATV ban

The sale of new two-stroke off-highway motorcycles and all-terrain vehicles would be banned in Massachusetts under a bill introduced by state Rep. J. James Marzilli Jr.
Under his proposal, it would be illegal for anyone to sell “a recreational vehicle containing a two-stroke engine, including, but not limited to, a snow craft, an all-terrain vehicle, a personal watercraft, or a motorboat.”
Royce Wood, AMA legislative affairs specialist in charge of off-highway issues, called the bill “the most sweeping ban ever introduced in any state.” If passed, the bill would outlaw new sales of the vast majority of motocross bikes in the state, although anyone who bought a two-stroke built before June 1, 2004, would be allowed to resell it.
The bill has been referred to the Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Agriculture. Massachusetts residents opposing the bill should contact the committee chairwoman, Sen. Pamela P. Resor (D-Middlesex), c/o Joint Committee on Natural Resources and Agriculture, Room 473F, State House, Boston, Mass., 02133.
Land Pride offers New Two vehicles
There’s two new off-road light utility vehicles from Land Pride now available. The machines are designed to carry two passengers and a limited amount of cargo over rough terrain. Both models come in a wide or narrow stance.
The All-Terrain Runabout Vehicle is powered by a 13-horsepower Honda engine and has a four-wheel independent suspension. It also boasts front and rear tunable shocks.
The Trekker Vehicle series has a 614cc, 20-horsepower Honda engine, along with four-wheel independent suspension and tunable rear shocks. The Trekker has both 2WD and 4WD capabilities.
The BlueRibbon Coalition has joined several other groups in “Take Pride in America,” (TPIA) an organization which includes motorized and non-motorized recreational groups, civic organizations, and wildlife and conservation organizations.
Some of the other groups who have signed on as charter partners include the Motorcycle Industry Council (MCI), American Motorcycle Association (AMA), Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF), Specialty Vehicle Industry Association (SVIA), American Recreation Coalition (ARC), Americans for Responsible Recreation Access (ARRA) and the American Council of Snowmobile Associations.
The TPIA program encourages citizen stewardship through a public communication campaign. TPIA will have four core programs:
Deterrence of vandalism and promotion of an appropriate outdoor ethic.
Solicitation and recognition of volunteerism on public lands, including awards.
Increased awareness of the legacy all Americans share in our outdoors.
Ensure that children are afforded an introduction to the shared legacy of the outdoors.
Details are available on the TPIA Web site, www.takepride.gov.

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