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Custom-built Polaris RZR Pro R 4 debuts at Camp RZR

Polaris recruited Diesel Brother’s Dave “Heavy D” Spark, known for his wild and over-the-top custom builds, to transform a new RZR Pro R 4. Dave’s RZR paid homage to the custom-built sand cars that filled the dunes before side-by-sides.

The sand cars often donned bright colors and crazy paint schemes. For many, these vehicles are a thing of the past, but they paved the way for side-by-sides and evolved into today’s Polaris RZR lineup.

Dave and his team added a bright orange and sky-blue Pro Line wrap to the RZR Pro R 4.

The RZR Pro R 4 provides power, strength and control, offering even the most demanding riders the ultimate thrill when behind the wheel. The RZR can tackle any terrain, including the steep sand climbs and long drag straights out in the dunes.

Dave and his team at Sparks Motors set out to further elevate the already high-performing RZR. Starting with a bright orange and sky-blue Pro Line wrap, the Pro R 4 brings the vision to life, while full RIGID Industries light kits keep the vehicle visible from sunup to sundown.

Full RIGID Industries light kits keep the vehicle visible from sunup to sundown.

Sparks Motors also added additional components to increase performance and durability, including a Packard Exhaust, Pro Armor doors, windshield, reinforced roof, sand tires, Hostile wheels and DRT fenders, aluminum grill and spare tire adventure rack.

The Sparks Motors custom-built RZR Pro R 4 debuted at the return of Camp RZR in Glamis. Dave Sparks and his team were onsite to talk about the inspiration and build process before hitting the dunes to put the vehicle to the test.

Sparks Motors added components to increase the performance and durability of the RZR Pro R 4, including a Packard Exhaust.

Parts list:

•             Pro Armor doors, roof, tires and seats

•             Hostile wheels

•             RIGID Industries lighting

•             Packard exhaust

•             Pro Line wrap


•             SMCO front bumper and rear cover

•             Rockford Fosgate sound system

•             Gillyfab front control arms and face plates

•             DRT fenders, carrier and adventure rack and aluminum grill

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