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FBI rapidly grows, consistently providing product

Gary Chipp founded Fat Baggers Inc. in 2004, an aftermarket company for Harley-Davidson bagger models. He grew up in his father’s dealership in Russell, Iowa and began assisting at the shop in seventh grade. Today, he works with his own children, Alexa and Kamren Chipp.

FBI has continuously grown, especially since the onset of COVID-19, gaining customers, increasing staff and obtaining more equipment. Chipp jumped on the opportunity to purchase a year’s worth of inventory and raw materials before it became unavailable, allowing FBI to provide product while other manufacturers were unable to.

“It worked,” Chipp said. “I think we currently have a 99% fill rate.”

Learn more about the success story of FBI and Chipp’s journey from sweeping showroom floors at his father’s dealership to running an aftermarket company with his own children.

Click on the image below to read the October digital edition:

Click on the image above to read the October digital edition of the magazine.

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