Yamaha announces new 2022 XMAX Scooter and returning Sport Heritage motorcycles

Yamaha has announced a new addition to its scooter lineup with the introduction of the sporty 2022 XMAX, alongside continuing to offer the Bolt R-Spec and V-Star 250 in the Sport Heritage lineup.

Yamaha 2022 XMAX Scooter

The 2022 XMax is the ultimate sport Scooter with a liquid‑cooled engine that is both fuel-efficient and performance-proven, the company stated in a press release.

Features include:

Advanced 292cc engine – The XMax is powered by an advanced 292cc liquid-cooled, four-valve single that develops smooth, tractable power. The cylinder is crafted from Yamaha’s DiASil aluminum for excellent heat dissipation, with a lightweight forged piston and forged crankshaft. A counterbalancer ensures minimal vibration while the offset cylinder layout and semi-dry-sump lubrication system help reduce friction and drag inside the engine.

Full automatic convenience – With its continuously variable transmission, the XMax offers the convenience of truly “twist and go” riding, with no gears and no clutch. The CVT system also features a large air-cooling path for the drive belt, significantly reducing heat and engine noise.

Impressive fuel economy and range – Because of its efficient engine design features and advanced powertrain, the XMax delivers 3.14 L/100km. Combined with a large 12.9 litre fuel tank, the XMax boasts impressive cruising range.

Large wheels and tires – The XMax features large 15-inch front and 14-inch rear wheels for enhanced handling and sporty style. It mounts the latest Dunlop Scoot Smart tires for excellent traction in both wet and dry conditions.

All-inclusive storage – A huge under seat storage area locks securely to keep valuables safe and is large enough for two full-face helmets. LED lighting comes standard, and the fairing also includes two additional storage bays, one of which locks electronically and includes a 12V DC outlet.

Adjustable handlebar and windscreen – The XMax includes an adjustable handlebar, with 20mm of rearward adjustment, and can be changed quickly with zero additional parts. The new scooter also features a two-position windscreen that can be shifted two inches higher for additional wind protection. Finally, the sculpted saddle makes it easier to reach the ground at stops and works with the floorboards for a flexible all-day riding position.


Additional 2022 XMax features include:

• Modern fuel injection featuring a 12-hole injector

• Large motorcycle-type front fork that bolts to the steering stem at both the top and bottom triple clamps

• 267mm front and 245mm rear disc brakes

• Yamaha’s Smart Key system, which eliminates the need to use the key to access the machine

• Standard Traction control and ABS

• Full LED lighting

• Advanced sport styling and aggressive, angular cues

Yamaha continues to offer the Bolt R-Spec and V-Star 250 in the Sport Heritage lineup:

Bolt R-Spec

2022 Bolt R-Spec – With its electronic fuel injection and transistor controlled ignition (TCI), the 2022 Bolt R-Spec delivers class-leading performance. The compact, stable chassis and the unique Bolt persona round out the Bolt R-Spec’s urban performance and style.

V Star 250

2022 V Star 250 – The light and nimble 2022 V Star 250 is back for another year and remains the only V-Twin in its class. Coupled with a seat that is just 27 inches from the pavement, the V Star 250 is the perfect choice for riders who want fun in a small package.