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ARGO launches live factory specialist; consumers build unit online, pick up at dealership

Canada-based ARGO has launched its new ARGO Digitalship online tool to offer a contactless experience to find the right ATV or amphibious Xtreme Terrain Vehicle (XTV) without stepping foot into a dealership.

Customers are now able to view the 2021 model year lineup on their desktop, tablet or mobile device with a personal factory specialist leading the way step by step.

“The Digitalship was born quickly as the pandemic briefly shut down the majority of our dealerships across North America.” said Brad Darling, president and CEO at ARGO. “In June we introduced our online ARGO factory specialist which contributed to our 88.5% increase in retail sales that month. Now the Digitalship takes the dealer showroom into the customer’s living room to curate a personalized and convenient experience.”

The ARGO Digitalship is an advanced lead-gen tool for dealers using a custom audio- and video-enabled interface to help customers learn more about each series and its features. Once a customer exits the tool, the Digitalship emails the selected model with its details, MSRP pricing and local dealer contact information.

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