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PRP Seats now producing face masks for COVID-19 relief

PRP, a manufacturer of premium suspension seats and accessories for off-road vehicles, has started to manufacture face masks out of its Temecula, California facility to help protect healthcare and essential workers across the country during the coronavirus pandemic.

PRP will produce three different types of masks, as well as a plastic face shield. The first of the three — a one-piece mask — will be comprised of one layer of cotton jersey knit fabric. The second, a tri-fold mask will have two-layer cotton knit. And the last will be comprised of one layer of cotton, one layer of bamboo antimicrobial fabric and one layer of copper mesh.

PRP has reached out to owners of essential businesses and is currently donating masks so they can remain open. Additionally, the company has been communicating with local healthcare facilities to donate the tri-fold masks with the copper mesh layer.

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