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Swedish manufacturer OMotion releases electric trike

Swedish manufacturer OMotion has revealed the ETR, an electric three-wheel roadster.

The power is generated in the rear wheel hub motor and delivers a peak power of 21.7 kW @ 820rpm and a continuous power of 8kW. This results in an acceleration of 0-80km/h in sub 7 seconds and a max speed of 110km/h.

Via the Bluetooth connection to the ECU, connect your mobile device to monitor vehicle motor and battery status statistics. Attach your mobile device as an extra panel to view additional metrics besides the standard dashboard interfaces. The app is also used to provide remote troubleshooting.

The electric control system consists of an ECU, a BMS (battery monitoring system), an inverter, an electric hub motor and various actuators and indicators. The ECU takes inputs from the driver, controls the motor and communicates with onboard and external communication devices. The BMS monitors the battery and sends status and alerts back to the ECU.

The charging time is seven hours from empty to full battery. The OMotion ETR can be charged either at a charging station, or in a regular power outlet by means of the included charging cable.

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