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Yamaha releases 2020 Adventure and Sport Touring lineup

Yamaha has introduced more of its Touring motorcycle lineup for 2020, with the Adventure Touring Super Ténéré ES ready to conquer the Next Horizon, and the Sport Touring Tracer 900 GT and FJR1300ES models equipped to challenge the Roads of Life. The models join the Transcontinental Touring Star Venture that was announced in June as part of the 2020 Touring lineup.

The Next Horizon is yours

With a spirit of adventure embedded in their DNA, Yamaha Adventure bikes are rugged, tough and reliable. Each Ténéré model in the Adventure Touring segment opens up the possibilities of endless travel and enables riders to discover a feeling of utter freedom where the only limits exist within a rider’s imagination.

Super Ténéré ES – Go Beyond

Built for superior long-distance adventure touring and exploring beyond the pavement, the Super Ténéré ES comes equipped with an exceptionally compact 1199cc parallel twin-cylinder engine that features a unique 270-degree crank for excellent torque and traction. Fitted with tuneable electronic suspension, electronic rider aids, adventure-ready ergonomics, an adjustable seat and windshield, low-maintenance drive shaft, center stand and more, the 2020 Super Ténéré ES will be available in a Ceramic Ice color scheme for an MSRP of $16,299 and begin arriving at Yamaha dealers in December.

Making tomorrow’s memories on the Roads of Life

Whether riding solo for the commute to work or spending weeks crossing the continent with a passenger and luggage, Yamaha’s Sport Touring motorcycles provide a world of opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime. Combining outstanding sport performance, all-round versatility and serious long-distance ability, Yamaha’s Sport Touring lineup is designed to appeal to a wide range of riders who are looking to enjoy the many new experiences, places, and people that they’ll discover when traveling the Roads of Life.

Tracer 900 GT – Turn up your experience

Practicality meets performance with the Tracer 900 GT, where a CP3 847cc inline three-cylinder engine provides a broad range of torque for sporty acceleration or relaxed highway cruising comfort. Amenities such as electronic rider aids, adjustable suspension, QSS, a height-adjustable windshield, an adjustable rider seat height, integrated side cases, a generous 4.8-gallon fuel tank and much more make the Tracer 900 GT ideal for the flexibility of a daily commute, fun rides on twisty tarmac, and weekend getaways.

Available in a Matte Raven Black/Reddish Copper color scheme the 2020 Tracer 900 GT will begin arriving at dealers in December for an MSRP of $12,999.

FJR1300ES – Endless turns

Designed for the ultimate sport touring experience, the FJR1300ES is powered by a smooth-running 1298cc inline four-cylinder engine that delivers superb power characteristics. A range of features makes this motorcycle the ideal travel companion, including tuneable electronic suspension, electronic rider aids, lean angle-sensitive LED cornering headlights, an electronically-adjustable windscreen, adjustable handlebars, an adjustable rider seat height, integrated quick-release side cases, heated handlebar grips, a 6.6-gallon fuel tank, and more. Available in a Liquid Graphite color scheme, the 2020 FJR1300ES will begin arriving at dealers in March for an MSRP of $17,999.


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