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Fire Power releases new lineup of racing motor oils

Fire Power has released a new lineup of motorcycle and powersports engine oils engineered for racing and high performance applications. Fire Power 10W-40 and 20W-50 Full Synthetic motor oils are fortified with ester and when combined with Fire Power’s Next Generation engine protection technology, offer the best performance and value for high-performance and racing applications. 

“We are extremely excited to add the addition of oil to the Fire Power line up,” Fire Power Brand Manager Kirk Alves explained. “This product fits well with the current Fire Power lineup keeping our dealers and customers in mind first! We have developed a product at a competitive price point that doesn’t have to sacrifice performance which continues the Fire Power story.”

Fire Power 10W-40 mineral is fully JASO MA2 certified. The Fire Power lineup meets or exceeds JASO MA and MA2 certifications for engine oil as well as warranty requirements for all Japanese motorcycle manufacturers. The Full-synthetic formula is fortified with racing ester to withstand extreme heat and high RPM use. Ester provides and ultra-strong oil film to protect rings, cylinder walls and rod bearing under extreme stress. 

Fire Power Next Generation additive package is the result of evaluating more than 20 different additive options. Those 20 options were narrowed down to five of the best, then those five were dyno tested to validate which one would perform to Fire Power standards. The result is ultimate engine protection and wet clutch performance. 

Fire Power engine oils are highly shear stable and posted double the viscosity strength of aftermarket engine oils in ASTM 6278 controlled shear stability testing. Fire Power’s Rotary Polymer technology means it stays in grade longer, protecting engines for the entire service interval.

View the lineup of Fire Power engine oils as well as the complete lineup of Fire Power parts at

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