Rare motorcycle collection discovery includes 1938 Vincent Series A

A rare collection of Vincent and Grigg motorcycles are now in the care of Liquid Asset Partners, based in Grand Rapids. The collection was discovered following the passing of a reclusive owner after being hidden away for decades. The bikes include six Vincent Motorcycles, a one-of-a-kind Grigg Motorcycle, and a lifetime collection of rare parts. The gem of the collection is a 1938 Vincent HRD Series A Twin, coined by many as the rarest and most collectible motorcycle in the world. 

“We could not believe what we found,” said Bill Melvin. “We made arrangements to view the collection, which was buried in an industrial building near Los Angeles. Within a day, we were on site taking notes and photos to document this rare find. It was difficult as the bikes were crammed into tight quarters mixed with parts and other miscellaneous items. It was the personal hoard of a lifetime.”

The headliner of the collection is the Vincent HRD Series A Twin. Known as a “Series A,” it carries a prestige similar to the rarest Duesenbergs, with only 78 ever built and possibly fewer than 40 in existence today. Most of the surviving Series A motorcycles are in museums, with only a few coming up for sale each decade. Built in 1938, with a top speed above 100mph, it was a superbike with many beautiful hand-made parts, which showcase the mechanical work of art. The engine has a wonderful V-Twin rumble and power that surprises anyone lucky enough to try it.

The collection also has a rare 1923 Grigg Blackburne V-twin engine 693cc, the only known survivor in the world with the 693cc V-Twin. Only four Griggs of various models are thought to still be around today. The craftsmanship, attention to detail, and history of this piece of art are sure to be destined for a museum.

Included is a one-of-a-kind Vincent Series D Victor (Comet) replica. The Victor was one of the last models created by Vincent in 1954. Only one was made before the factory closed. The previous owner was the only person to spend the time and money to recreate a perfect one-of-a kind replica of this rare model.

The bikes were brought over in the early 1960’s when the previous owner decided to leave England as a young man. He came to the United States with a container of belongings, which included a number of old motorcycles and a vast collection of parts.

The following is a list of the motorcycles, which Liquid will be entertaining offers on: 1923 Grigg Blackburne, 1938 Vincent Series A -HRD Twin, 1953 Vincent Black Shadow - Series C, 1955 Vincent Victor Single Replica, 1954 Vincent Rapide D/C, 1948 Vincent Series B Rapide, and 1950 Vincent Comet basket case.

Interested parties should contact Liquid Asset Partners at 616.719.5917 or sales@liquidap.com to submit an offer. A preview will occur in Grand Rapids, MI on May 22, 2019.

Additional information is available online at www.LiquidAP.com.


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