Top 10 Harley-Davidson stories of 2018 listed

Powersports Business today revealed the top 10 most read Harley-Davidson stories on during 2018.

Four of the top 10 involve dealership buy-sell transactions, including the No. 1 Harley-Davidson story of the year.

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  1. West Bend Harley-Davidson under new ownership; joins Milwaukee Motorcycle Company


  1. Dealership named No. 1 for 2017 by Harley-Davidson


  1. Harley-Davidson’s future plans include entry into ADV, sport bike segments


  1. Harley-Davidson U.S. retail estimate for Oct.-Nov. provided by analyst


  1. Iconic Harley-Davidson dealership group sold


  1. Top 50 dealers in U.S. named; Texas Harley-Davidson lands at No. 1


  1. Analyst: Will consumer loyalty side with Harley-Davidson or Trump?


  1. Report: Trump blasts Harley-Davidson again with tweet


  1. Scott Fischer selling two Florida Harley-Davidson dealerships


10. Veracka family adds another Harley-Davidson dealership; hiring 40 staff

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