Odes Industries announces new U.S. manufacturing location

Powersports Business has learned that side-by-side and ATV manufacturer Odes Industries, as part of its continued to plan to move to “Made in America,” is expanding its manufacturing by opening a new 200,000 square-foot plant in Lafayette, Indiana.

CEO Mike Smith told Powersports Business that Odes will be opening the manufacturing and assembly facility in Lafayette, located about 60 miles northwest of Indianapolis. Caterpillar operates a large engine center there, and a Subaru automotive assembly plant also calls the city home.

“This new facility will help Odes’s growing manufacturing and assembly needs,” Smith said. “The new location will help Odes take advantage of the manufacturing partners and workforce, where manufacturing is better suited for Odes’s types of products.”

Smith said the current Odes facility in Dallas will wind down assembly operations by the end of the year, while keeping all Dallas manufacturing in place. Odes will use its 100,000 square-foot Dallas facility to expand its parts distribution and service facility and will not have any interruption.

The facility in Indiana is already operational, and dealers can expect to see Odes products being delivered from the Indiana plant in January.

“In 2018, Odes expanded its manufacturing process and relationships in the USA, and this move will ensure that continued growth and development with our highest value and most well-equipped UTV lineup ever,” Smith said. “Dallas was a great stepping stone for Odes. However, it became clear very quickly that in order to match our growth, we had to expand where manufacturing was best suited for our products. Dallas could not offer Odes what it needed and this new location will help to serve our growth much better. We are excited to see this expansion as it brings new jobs and opportunities to all of our facility locations as we grow.”

Read about Odes’s 2019 side-by-side product lineup and recent growth here.

Odes Industries CEO Mike Smith (left) and PSB editor in chief Dave McMahon put the brand’s 2019 model lineup through the paces this summer in Colorado. Continuing growth has led to Odes opening a new manufacturing plant in Lafayette, Indiana.



  1. i have a 2014 odes raider 800. i am looking to buy a front wheel hub and front axel for my machine. i cannot find anywhere. can you guys help..

  2. Odes comande 650;gas cap. Need one ASAP!

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