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Suzuki debuts 2020 KATANA at IMS

On Friday, November 17th, at the first stop of the 2018 International Motorcycle Show (IMS) tour in Long Beach, California, Suzuki Motor of America, Inc. (SMAI) enthralled attendees with the North American debut of the all-new 2020 KATANA motorcycle. Inspired by the energy of traditional Japanese taiko drums, the strength and courage of a samurai, and the fine craftsmanship of a katana sword, the new KATANA motorcycle faithfully honors Suzuki performance and craftsmanship while simultaneously delivering modern sportbike technology and design.
The distinctive beat of Japanese taiko drums echoed across the Long Beach Convention Center, drawing hundreds of motorcycle enthusiasts to the Suzuki display for the dramatic unveiling. The Taiko Project, a professional taiko drum corps provided its authentic sound and style while professional martial artist, Jordan Okubo, displayed samurai-like strength and ability with a katana sword to symbolically cut a new KATANA motorcycle free of its cloak.

Named after the fabled sword of the samurai, the new 2020 KATANA was unveiled alongside the original, iconic 1982 Katana. The unique motorcycles mechanically demonstrate Suzuki’s continual commitment to craftsmanship and performance encapsulated with distinctive, angular styling.

Both the original Katana, a pristine example on loan from the Barber Motorcycle Museum, and the new KATANA will be on display in the Suzuki booth during the entire IMS Show Tour. Check them out, along with Suzuki’s full 2019 model lineup, at the next show stop in New York City on November 30th through December 2nd.

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  1. Looks like Suzuki is taking a play out of Yamaha’s play book! Announcing a bike as new, then giving a due date of two years out is poor at best!! Yamaha did this with the Tenere T7 and it just told the buyers it was time to buy something else…..

  2. The new katana seems to be Suzuki’s answer to a question no one is asking. I have been a Suzuki dealer since ’96 and have not only seen, but have experienced the highs and lows of the brand. Every year at the dealer show we are scolded for asking THE question: When is Suzuki coming out with a side-by-side?. We always get the same answer in the same defiant tone. This terrifies me for Suzuki.
    I don’t like side by sides. I don’t understand spending twenty large on one.. But the fact is they are what’s keeping our doors open. You see, today’s kids don’t care for motorcycles… If not for the older consumer with disposable income purchasing Mules and Rangers we have closed our shop years ago. Several friends who have sixteen year old sons tell me that they don’t even want to get their automobile driver’s license! The new kids are different – steeped on VR in video games they evidently don’t care for the real thing.
    IMHO if you aren’t selling something the people with all the money want and desire, you won’t be in business long. Although it is rather late in the game to be entering the side-by-side game, Suzuki COULD hit a homerun by giving the performance crowd a ‘busa powered sport machine with paddle shifting dual sport transmission and QUALITY components. Anything short of that is pointless…

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