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UTV distributor revealing first auto EV prototypes from Kandi

After announcing a deal with one of China’s leading electric vehicle innovators, Kandi Technologies Group, Inc., ATV/UTV distributor Sportsman Country is set to unveil a pair of prototypes. Specifically designed for the U.S. market, the EX3 is an all-electric SUV and the K22 is subcompact for urban settings. These cutting edge electric vehicles will be unveiled to the automotive media, select dealers and powersports professionals on Aug. 21.

“This is electrifying news, literally,” jokes Sportsman Country CEO Johnny Tai. “Seriously though, the charging port settings, software system language and the user interface were upgraded from the original models to satisfy U.S. market needs. They are now compatible with DOT standards and conventional charging stations.”

Texas-based Sportsman Country will be revealing a prototype EV from Kandi.

“Recently, we have conducted a series of surveys regarding the consumers’ preference for pure electric vehicle products in the American market,” said Kandi CEO Hu Xiaoming. The company found that these two models should be very competitive in America. “I am very pleased about the efficiency and diligence in our technical staff and U.S. sales team in terms of preparation. It took our team less than a month to complete the upgrades necessary to comply with U.S. standards. We will continue our efforts to expand our U.S. market.”

Performance in terms of both power and battery life is also competitive. A high-efficiency asynchronous AC motor works with a ternary lithium battery. The DC fast charge system works for urban commutes as well as longer trips.

“We haven’t forgotten our powersports roots, but we believe the addition of Kandi electric vehicles will confirm our credibility and give some of our larger, more progressive dealers an opportunity to crossover into the EV sector.”

Dallas-based Sportsman Country was formed last year when Bennche and Massimo Motor joined forces to expand the reach of their ATV/UTV business. At that time, Tai told the dealers “Access to Kandi’s EV technology is an opportunity for our existing dealers, but we are actively and aggressively seeking qualified EV dealers as well as potential OEM partners.”

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