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Honda reveals pair of 2019 models

American Honda revealed a pair of new units for the U.S. market, adding to their lineup of small-displacement, user-friendly models. 

The CB300R, which will be available in July and has an MSRP of  $4,949 (CB300R ABS) and $4,649 (CB300R). It will be offered in chromosphere red; and matte gray metallic. Originally unveiled in November at Milan’s EICMA motorcycle show, the model shares the same Neo-Sports Café aesthetic as the CB1000R. Pared down to the essentials, it embodies motorcycling culture and urban fun, simultaneously honoring the CB line’s unrivaled heritage and embracing the future in a way that appeals to younger riders.

The bold design is supported by capable performance, thanks to Honda’s proven 286cc liquid-cooled, single-cylinder engine and an entirely new tubular and pressed-steel frame. The CB300R also boasts premium features like an available inertial measurement unit-based ABS, LCD display and full LED lighting.

2019 Honda CBR300R

“We’re excited to announce that the CB300R will be hitting U.S. showroom floors this year alongside the recently announced CB1000R, with which this new model shares its Neo-Sports Café styling,” said Lee Edmunds, American Honda’s manager of motorcycle marketing communications. “Honda is committed to offering customers a wide range of models that offer solid performance but are also rich in character and tap into the emotional element of riding. Motorcycling is an exercise in enjoyment, and with the CB300R, that feeling is now accessible to an even wider range of riders, with the added benefit of increased performance.”

Key Features

  • Tubular and pressed-steel frame offers optimized strength and reduced weight
  • Swingarm designed to provide high longitudinal rigidity and control torsion without being harsh or heavy, for confidence-inspiring feel while cornering
  • 41mm inverted fork offers smooth ride with compliant damping and supple spring rate
  • Lightweight aluminum wheels underpin Neo Sports Café styling and aid in lightweight handling
  • New intake and exhaust design reduce air resistance, contributing to more linear throttle response
  • User-friendly, 313 pound curb weight (317 pounds with ABS) attained through strenuous weight-saving measures
  • 31.5-inch seat height provides great sense of control
  • Radial-mount Nissin 4-piston front brake caliper with 296mm floating disc provides optimum stopping power
  • Blacked-out hardware compliments Neo-Sports Café styling elements
  • Lightweight, full-function LCD display adds a premium feel
  • All-LED lighting brings modern flare to retro styling

2019 PCX150

Endowed with a new frame, revised intake and exhaust system, multiple comfort-enhancing features, and optional ABS, the PCX150 combines practicality and fun, now with a more premium feel and improved handling. It has a list price of $3,999 (PCX150 ABS) and $3,699 (PCX150), and will be available in July.

“Over the years, the PCX150 has earned a legion of followers through its mix of enjoyable performance and remarkable efficiency,” said Edmunds. “For 2019, Honda has expanded on that winning formula with a long list of updates that will appeal to an expanding audience. Lighter, more comfortable, and now available with optional ABS, this latest PCX150 will turn heads wherever it goes.”

2019 Honda PCX150

Key Features

  • Low-friction, liquid-cooled engine offers enjoyable, user-friendly performance
  • Fuel tank holds 2.1 gallons for long range between fill-ups
  • Large air filter and improved exhaust layout enhance airflow, resulting in increased power at higher rpm
  • Redesigned body panels and all-LED lighting enhance high-end feel
  • New frame contributes to reduced weight and added stability, for a more confidence-inspiring ride
  • Three-stage rear springs with increased travel deliver improved ride comfort
  • Stylish eight-spoke wheels reduce weight and enhance overall handling
  • Large, 100/80-14 front and 120/70-14 rear tires with optimized construction reduce energy loss due to tire deformation
  • Modern LCD display is easy to read at a glance
  • Saddle hinge and reformatted, 28 liter storage box result in easy loading and unloading of items
  • Available ABS offers added sense of security

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