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Yamaha R1DT cars heading to Donnie Moran Driving School

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, has loaned two prototype R1DT racecars to Donnie Moran’s DMR Driving School at Muskingum County Speedway in Dresden, Ohio. Yamaha previously announced that it had also loaned two of the R1DT prototype cars to the Cory Kruseman Sprint Car Driving School in Ventura, California. 

Through the DMR Driving School, prospective beginners and experienced racers can now get behind the wheel of Yamaha’s highly-anticipated R1DT race car, with exclusive one-on-one instruction with legendary dirt late model racer, Donnie “The Million Dollar Man” Moran.

Donnie Moran

The prototype dirt track racecars made their racing introduction last fall during the “Yamaha R1DT Invitational” exhibition race at Perris Auto Speedway with Moran capturing a second place finish among eight other legendary racers. Since the prototype was announced in 2016, their unique design and production possibilities quickly caught the attention of racers, sanctioning bodies and racing fans across the country. 

“After getting a first hand look at the capability and turn-key design of Yamaha’s dirt track car, I believe these could be a great way to ease the barrier of entry into the sport,” Moran said. “They can be a great learning device for beginning students without sacrificing the fun and excitement for professional drivers, and we’re excited to see how drivers react after getting behind the wheel.” 

The Yamaha R1DT prototypes are tube chassis, purpose-built dirt track cars powered by a fuel injected, inline 4-cylinder engine from Yamaha’s R1S production motorcycle. The cars’ symmetrical suspension components, variable engine output, data acquisition, and the ability to run on pump gas are unique features to dirt track racing. 

“The inclusion of the R1DT at nationally recognized driving schools will help us continue to work towards developing these prototype cars into a production-ready design,” said Dave Park, Yamaha’s R1DT project manager. “We’re looking forward to hearing the response of drivers training under Donnie Moran.” 

The R1DT is designed to be a budget friendly, turnkey, low maintenance racer. If the project makes it to production, it could become an all-new racing package that reduces operating costs and serves as a training tool for up-and-coming drivers, as well as a new option for experienced racers.

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