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Yamaha Motors announces record profits in 2017

Yamaha Motor Co. announces results for the current consolidated accounting year. Net sales were 1,670.1 billion yen, an increase of 167.3 billion yen, or 11.1 percent compared with the previous fiscal year, with each segment reaching the highest level to date. Operating income was 149.8 billion yen, an increase of41.2 billion yen or 37.9 percent against the same period in the previous fiscal year. Ordinary income was 154.8 billion yen, an increase of 52.8 billion yen or 51.7 percent, and net income for the period attributable to parent company shareholders was 101.6 billion yen, an increase of 60.9 percent. For the fiscal year, the U.S. dollar traded at 112 yen, a depreciation of 3 yen against the previous fiscal year.

Net sales increased due to the effects of yen depreciation and strong sales of motorcycles in the ASEAN region, outboard motors in the US and surface mounters and industrial robots. Operating income has increased thanks to increases in net sales and sales of products in higher price ranges, along with improvements in profitability, such as cost reductions through manufacturing methods of theoretical-value-based production, and development methods for platform and global models in the motorcycle business, which prevented rising expenses.



Net sales were 1,045.2 billion yen, an increase of 115.1 billion yen or 12.4 percent compared with the previous fiscal year, and operating income was 68.8 billion yen, and increase of 91.4 percent. Unit sales increased in the Phillipines, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, etc. but decreased in developed markets and Indonesia. Unit sales across the entire business were approximately 5.4 million units, the highest year-on-year increase since 2011. As a result, net sales increased, and operating income increased substantially thanks to increased sales of products in the higher price range and the effects of cost reductions in emerging markets such as Brazil and the ASEAN region.

In the ASEAN region, we are continuing our product launches in order to demonstrate a strong presence in each market while maintaining increased profitability through platform models. In developed markets, Yamaha will create new demand by launching products that demonstrate the brand’s distinctiveness and implementing marketing in the unique style of Yamaha.


Power Products

Net Sales were 151.6 billion yen, a decrease of 0.7 billion yen or 0.5 percent compared to the previous fiscal year, with an operating loss of 1.5 billion yen. Although the inventory adjustment situation for recreational off-highway vehicles has been completed, sales and income both decreased due to its ongoing impact. Yamaha will continue to promote new product strategies in order to broaden the market.

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