Yamaha e-bikes coming to dealerships in 2018

Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, (YMUS) is bringing its all-new power assist electric bicycle (e-Bike) prototype models to the Los Angeles Auto Show December 1-10 as part of the "Yamaha Garage" display.

This will be the first time Yamaha shows the all-new prototype models in a consumer setting and only the second time the bikes have been on display since the Interbike trade show in September, when Yamaha announced the "Power Assist Bicycles" brand and that it will be entering the U.S. e-Bike market in 2018.

Yamaha Power Assist Bicycles will display four prototype models at the Los Angeles Auto Show:

  • UrbanRush, providing a balance of power, stiffness, and speed in a sleek road bike chassis.
  • YDX-TORC, an agile XC mountain bike with aggressive performance and fast response.
  • CrossCore, a fitness hybrid design for efficiency and ergonomic comfort.
  • CrossConnect, an everyday recreation-utility for those that want to take their gear with them.

The models can also be seen at www.yamahabicycles.com, and people can sign up for emails to receive more information when product specs and details are announced.

Yamaha Motor Company, Ltd. (YMC) launched the world's first electrically power assisted bicycle in 1993 and has since produced more than 4 million drive units and sold over 2 million Yamaha power assist bicycles. YMC supplies class-leading e-Bike Systems to select OEM partners worldwide.

Yamaha Power Assist bicycles provide a natural assist feel powered by drive units that have undergone constant evolution through decades of engineering and innovation based on customer feedback.

Yamaha's Triple Sensor System found in PWseries and PW-X system incorporates frictionless sensors that measure the rider's pedal-torque, bicycle speed and crank arm cadence in real-time with tremendous precision. This design results in a drive unit that provides one of the most refined and natural rides available. Interbike awarded the PW-X motor with a "2017 Interbike Electric Product Innovation Award."

Yamaha's power assist bicycle product line is scheduled to be available at U.S. dealers starting in 2018.


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