EICMA 2017: Bultaco to reveal electric moto-bike

Madrid-based Bultaco announced that it will reveal the global reveal of its Albero will be during EICMA in Milan.

Along with the new Albero, in its different versions, the entire Brinco line will also be on display, with the new Brinco R-B as a "special guest".

Here’s the press release:

The Albero is all about fun and getting you places in the big city, and with zero emissions along the way. The new Bultaco Albero represents a novel concept in urban mobility, offering a unique, safe and fun experience, featuring electric drive and green riding, taking you anywhere in the city.

Since its return to the market Bultaco Motors has been strongly committed to presenting innovative products, in both their concepts and technology, but always guided by its founding principles, based on passion and fun. Its first product was the Brinco, which innovated the Moto-Bike concept: a cross between a motorcycle and a bicycle, with a combination of electric propulsion activated by a grip throttle, and independent pedaling, allowing the rider to adjust, at will, the level of effort he wishes to make.

The new Bultaco Albero shares Brinco's technical platform, but features a look and technical solutions adapted to the urban environment. The result is a model with a unique, very attractive design, characterized by a retro image, a bit reminiscent of a café racer. A new concept in urban mobility, with the maneuverability and lightness of a bicycle; the sturdiness and safety of a motorcycle, zero emissions and the outstanding performance (60 Nm maximum torque, 45 km/h maximum speed) of electric propulsion. A new concept in the city for a new type of rider: Moto-Bikers. Cosmopolitan urbanites who are looking for a different kind of transport. One that's on the cutting edge, and sustainable.

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