Harley-Davidson launches global riding campaign

Harley-Davidson has launched a new brand platform, "All for Freedom, Freedom for All," to celebrate the company's legacy and "the pursuit of freedom that unites all." With a focus on the universal pursuit of independence, authenticity and the feeling of the open road, the new work is an open invitation to riders and non-riders across the globe to embrace their individuality.

The new platform comes to life via 30- and 90-second videos containing user-generated and filmed content. Harley-Davidson shares moments captured on the open road by riders past and present from all walks of life: 

“‘All For Freedom. Freedom For All’” is part of our 10-year global strategy to build the next generation of Harley-Davidson riders,” said Sean Cummings, Harley-Davidson senior vice president of global demand. “As the leader in our industry, we are on a mission to grow the sport of motorcycling globally. To reach that ambitious goal, we need to increase our brand’s relevance and inspire new riders to experience the same freedom that all H-D riders feel in the saddle. This new work does that by celebrating the passion, freedom and emotional pull of the open road.”                                                                                                                                                    

To ignite a conversation about the thrill of riding, Harley-Davidson is enlisting its network of riders, influencers, dealers and employees on social media to post images and stories of why they chose to accept the invitation of the open road using #FindYourFreedom.

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