Skynyrd concert caps DAA Northwest’s Rock & Roll Sale

In July, DAA Northwest offered up a record 5,050 cars, trucks and motorcycles during its annual Rock & Roll Sale. The auction had recently expanded its consignment parking lot to accommodate 5,500 vehicles. 

DAA Northwest began ramping-up its Rock & Roll Sale operational strategy five months ago. With all indications pointing toward unprecedented consignment volumes, auction general manager David Pendergraft began gathering staff and developing new procedures in March. As July’s promotional event date drew near, Pendergraft brought managers and sales teams together for weekly stand-up meetings. Team leaders briefed the group regarding current powersports and vehicle consignment status, shop schedules, lot logistics, concert planning and more. 

“We always work hard to be on our A game, but this one took extra, focused effort,” said Pendergraft. “On average weeks, we offer 1,800 units. This year’s Rock & Roll Sale produced nearly three times that volume. Scaling up required some creative thinking and an all hands on deck mindset,” he added.

In addition to its regular staff, the auction brought in over 200 temporary employees to work the event. “Temp labor pools needed to be hired, trained and ready to roll,” said Pendergraft. “In addition to their regular responsibilities, our team facilitated the training of these individuals and ensured that our sale was run safely and efficiently.”

Greg Mahugh, senior vice president of Operations for the McConkey Auction Group said DAA’s teamwork, planning and execution was as good as it’s ever been: “We are so proud of the entire team. We appreciate the support we received from our sister auctions in Kansas City and Seattle as well as our local vendor partners. We couldn’t do it without them all,” he said.

Following DAA’s Wednesday corporate consignment and MotorSports sale, the auction treated 4,200 dealers and their guests to a live concert and party featuring Lynyrd Skynyrd.

“The band really connected with our customers and guests,” said Bob McConkey, president of the McConkey Auction Group. “Together, the sale, party and concert delivered real wow factor and served to create a powerfully unique customer experience.”

Dave Woods, Portfolio Management remarketing manager with Harley-Davidson Financial Services remarked, “The DAA Northwest team went above and beyond the call of duty to ensure a successful sale for HDFS and a great time for all our dealers!”

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