Dealer consultant moves on from Gart Sutton & Associates

Steve Jones, former general manager, senior projects manager and exclusive consulting contractor for Gart Sutton & Associates, Inc., announced that he has formed SJ Consulting, Inc.

Jones worked with GSA as dealer consultant, instructional materials developer, group moderator and management trainer for the past 14 years.

Steve Jones presents at the 2016 Powersports DEALER Seminars @ AIMExpo in Orlando, Fla.

“Gart and I came to an amicable agreement that allows me more flexibility to pursue other business opportunities,” Jones said. “However, we may still work together on certain projects. We have accomplished a lot over the last 14 years. We conducted industry research projects for various organizations, developed and presented training solutions for most of the major industry OEMs, conducted management workshops for dealers and provided training for OE staff. In the process, we helped large numbers of dealers grow their businesses profitably. Gart provided me with huge educational and business opportunities — I can’t overstate how much I appreciate what that has done for me.”

Jones will continue to provide on-site dealer services, working with OEMs and suppliers on educational projects and conducting training sessions, among other projects.

Contact Jones at Or come say hello to him at the Powersports DEALER Seminars in Columbus, Ohio, being held during AIMExpo. Jones, annually one of the highest rated presenters during the industry’s largest free dealer education event, will present his seminar: Understanding Owner and General Manager Roles.

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