Consumer survey: 1 in 4 get ATV serviced by dealer

ATV owners from Clarity Research’s PowersportsConnect online community of powersports vehicle owners are prime examples of the importance of a service department walkthrough as part of the purchase path.

A total of 145 ATV owners completed the online survey, with results provided to exclusively to Powersports Business from Clarity Research.

When asked, “In general, how do you service your ATV?” a total of 61 percent responded that they service their ATVs themselves. About 1 in 4 take it to a dealer for service, while 9 percent give it to a friend or family member to be serviced. Another 7 percent take it to a local mechanic (non-dealership).

When asked “Have you ever purchased an aftermarket part or accessory for your ATV?” 86 percent of the respondents said yes. The top five accessories purchased were tires (16 percent), exhaust (15 percent), racks/cargo (15 percent), lights (10 percent) and wheels (8 percent).

Finally, the three-question survey asked ATV owners for their 24-month purchase consideration. Only 10 percent replied that they “definitely” plan to purchase an ATV in the next 24 months. Another 17 percent said they “probably will” purchase at ATV in that period. About 3 in 10 said they “may or may not purchase” an ATV within the next two years. A total of 27 percent of the respondents said they “probably will not purchase” an ATV within the next 24 months, and another 17 percent said they “definitely will not purchase” an ATV in that time period. 

Source: Clarity Research

Source: Clarity Research


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