Levatich on meeting Trump, corporate tax reform

Harley-Davidson executives, including CEO Matt Levatich, visited the White House last week to meet with President Trump, vice president Mike Pence and other administration officials, according to Fox Business. 

Levatich commented in an interview: "It was a great meeting, mostly because of the way the president and the administration really engaged with us on issues of importance to great American manufacturers like Harley. They really listened. They want to hear what we have to say because, as you can imagine, there are a lot of complicated things to figure out, whether it's tax reform or trade issues."

Levatich said that a corporate tax cut, paying 20 percent instead of the current federal rate of 35 percent, would allow Harley-Davidson to reinvest in its business. Harley-Davidson reportedly also stands "to benefit from the potential border adjustment to the tax code, which is being debated on Capitol Hill and would exempt U.S. corporate revenues from tax, but at the same prevent companies from deducting the cost of imported goods and services."

View video coverage below, via FOX Business Network's "Mornings with Maria":

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