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Ski-Doo clinics target women riders

Ski-Doo has partnered with She Shreds Mountain Adventures this season to offer riding clinics across North America that specialize instruction for the growing segment of women deep snow riders. The clinics are held primarily in British Columbia, but also travel to Quebec and the U.S. from December through April.

She Shreds was founded by Julie-Ann Chapman in 2010, when she recognized a growing need for clinics where women felt more welcome and could form a special camaraderie away from the male-dominated clinics offered elsewhere.

“BRP is proud to partner with She Shreds Mountain Adventures and Julie-Ann Chapman to bring mountain and deep snow riding instruction to an increasingly important group of riders,” said Marc Lacroix, Ski-Doo’s director of global marketing. “The interest is clear as we see more and more demand for women-only specific clinics, and we’re happy to be in a leadership position with She Shreds.”

Ski-Doo will sponsor riding clinics targeted to women deep snow riders.
Ski-Doo will sponsor riding clinics targeted to women deep snow riders.

“It’s great to officially partner with the snowmobile brand I’ve been on since the beginning of my business, and I really look forward to helping elevate women’s stature and growth in mountain riding,” Chapman said.

She Shreds Mountain Adventures clinics include instruction in riding, outdoor survival and proper rescue gear seminars, along with avalanche avoidance and safety training in multiple- or single-day segments. 


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