Standard Motorcycle Co-op launches Kickstarter campaign (video)

Standard Motorcycle Co-op has launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $50,000 to finish construction for its new co-op motorcycle garage and digital streaming educational facility for DIY motorcycle enthusiasts.

Founded and operated by Jason Paul Michaels and the SMC Crew, the Standard Moto Co-op (based in Orlando, Fla.) is the place where everyone can take advantage of the collective knowledge in our community to learn, collaborate, and repair/restore virtually and kind of motorcycle.

The company sent an email out to all of its followers detailing the campaign's goals:

"We have 49 days left to reach our goal of 50k. ... With your help we can build an online technical library that will enable enthusiasts to feel empowered, to do more with their motorcycles, and help fuel the next generation of riders, builders, designers, and engineers.

Whether you’re an OEM, a parts company or a lifestyle brand we’re creating a unique way to reach the growing demographic of millennials in the industry. If you’re a builder, journalist, photographer or influencer in the industry you can be a part of our videos and help share what’s relevant and pertinent to you in your world of motorcycling.

Thank you for your support! — Jason Paul Michaels"

View Kickstarter campaign here


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