Day 1: CFMOTO U.S. dealer meeting in China

CFMOTO USA recently held its "Growth and Partnership" U.S. dealer meeting and revealed 2017 models at its factory in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, China, a week after the G20 summit brought worldwide leaders to the city of 9 million. In fact, Hangzhou became the first city in China to host the G20, and it became the first Chinese city to host nearly 50 powersports dealers from the U.S. for a dealer meeting. Powersports Business editor in chief Dave McMahon was the lone journalist invited on the 7-day journey, and received the same first-class treatment as the nearly 50 dealers in attendance. And yes, it was as extravagant and enormous of an undertaking as you can imagine. And while the number of dealerships represented totaled 46, many took the opportunity to bring a plus-1. And in some cases, it was plus-2, allowing the group to roll in a caravan of three coach busses that did not have many extra seats. CFMOTO's U.S. Regional Sales Managers and VPs also attended alongside their top-performing dealers.

We'll share some photos over the coming days of the experience and hospitality that will never be forgotten. For now, it's Day 1. Most dealers from the U.S. departed Saturday and arrived late Sunday night after a hectic day of travel. Upon landing in Shanghai, dealer were greated by CFMOTO staff at baggage claim and made their way to an awaiting coach bus for the two-hour ride to the hotel.

Bus wheels were rolling at 8:15 to explore the main attractions in Hangzhou and its prized gem, West Lake. First on the stop was the Lingyin Temple, a Buddhist temple that is known for its grottos and rock carvings. The caligraphy on the yellow wall translates roughly into "Western Paradise Within Reach."

Then it was on to Leifeng Pagoda, an eight-sided, five story tower that sits along West Lake. It was originally built in 975, as in the nine hundreds. It was rebuilt in 2002 after having collapsed in 1924.


The group of Under-30 dealers at the CFMOTO dealer meeting in China was both small and enthusiastic.


Representatives of dealerships that have been in business for 110 years (left) and 10 months (right).


In case Dave got lost, he had this handy map to set him straight.

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