Aftermarket company introduces AL3RT anti-theft technology

Kika M2M LLC, one of the nation’s largest telecommunication hardware aftermarket providers, introduces AL3RT for powersports customers. This innovative technology adds a smart feature to vehicles that links the ride to the rider’s smartphone via SMS and email notifications. AL3RT has many applications, including tracking in the event of theft, rental monitoring, riding data disclosure and maintenance and diagnostics notifications.

Many powersports manufacturers include Bluetooth-connected vehicle features in their newer units, but none of these features work if the end user’s mobile device is more than 100 feet away from the unit.

AL3RT, on the other hand, communicates directly with the end user via SMS and email to notify the user in the case of tampering, motion, towing, geo-fence breach, speeding, disconnection of battery and more. Prior to being sold, AL3RT+ provides power sport dealerships with a free lot management application to use on their inventory of new or used motorcycles, vehicles, machines and/or vessels.

According to the National Crime Information Center, 46,061 motorcycles were stolen in 2014 with current telematics penetration of power sports vehicles at less than 1 percent. Nearly 70 percent of consumers stated that they would prefer to purchase connected power sport features for their vehicles directly at the dealership, as opposed to purchasing aftermarket.1

The AL3RT Power Sports Tracker is a device on the vehicle that that amongst many other features, collects location and trip data and then relays all of that information to the end user’s smartphone application. The AL3RT application then displays valuable information in real-time, provides access to theft recovery services, gives driving alerts and does much more.

AL3RT+ for Dealership Lot Management

Recent data from the National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA) reveals that over 45 percent of surveyed used car dealers, currently use GPS devices to track and manage their vehicle inventory2. The power sports industry could equally benefit from the advanced managing and tracking technology that AL3RT+ provides.

By selling the AL3RT to the end-user, the dealer monetizes on the hardware sale, installation and airtime data. In addition to creating new revenue streams in selling the AL3RT as an F&I add-on service, AL3RT will be the most modern purchasing and owning experience for power sport end users.

“At Kika M2M, we are all riders, so as riders working in the telematics space, we are committed to delivering the most useful anti-theft, riding and diagnostic end-user benefits that work globally” says Ricardo Salguero, president of Kika M2M. “To incentivize our growing dealership network, we’ve enabled them to monetize on three levels: hardware, installation and annual data service. The power sports industry is finally ready for AL3RT, because F&I managers have limited or no reliable telematics options to upsell to end-users.”


AL3RT For Consumers

No need to be technology experts to install and enjoy the benefits of a connected power sport experience. After a few simple steps, AL3RT’s intuitive mobile app design enables anyone to easily enjoy a connected power sport ride experience.

Once the ride is connected and the app is downloaded, AL3RT provides:

  • 24/7 Vehicle Location – AL3RT service is always on, providing quick access to the asset location through the mobile app so that you know where your vehicle is at all times.
  • Theft Recovery –AL3RT helps immediately locate your asset in the event that it is stolen and can even alert local police authorities. With this feature the average recovery time of a stolen asset is 30 minutes.
  • Smart Alerts – AL3RT provides notifications for several riding/boating features, including a geo-fencing feature, which allows users to enter a location, indicate a geographic boundary around the location and then receive an alert if the asset crosses that boundary. Notifications can also be set for specific speed limits or issues such as low battery.
  • Insurance Discounts – Users can save up to 25 percent off of insurance premiums with insurance providers that offer discounts for assets with AL3RT Power Sports Tracker installed. 

About Kika M2M & Kika Enterprises

Kika M2M is an IoT solutions developer, supplier and distributor of M2M hardware, software and connectivity to clients worldwide. Since 2005, Kika Enterprises is an industry leader in mobile broadband and telematics that focuses solely on the disposition of cellular data devices. Kika has emerged as the go-to source in the wireless industry for USB modems, air cards, mi-fi hotspots, embedded modules, cellular routers, fixed wireless terminals and other mobile connection devices.

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1 Source: National Crime Information Center, 2014
2 Source: National Independent Automobile Dealers Association (NIADA), 2014 Used Car Industry Report

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