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China 2016: Hisun USA dealer trip, Part IV

Bridgette and Javaughn Spencer of Lowcountry Powersports in South Carolina were thrilled to have made it to the Great Wall after enduring a trepidacious journey up on a ski lift!
PSB editor in chief Dave McMahon made the excursion to the Great Wall alongside the top-performing Hisun dealers in the U.S.
This photo captures the two modes of transport that allow visitors to reach the Great Wall: a ski lift on the way up and an alpine slide on the way down. We thought about going back up just so we could take the slide down again!

Powersports Business editor in chief Dave McMahon was glad to accept an invitation to attend the Hisun Motors USA dealer incentive trip to the Hisun factory in China from April 9-16. Following is the fourth and final installment of photos. After visiting Chongqing, home of the 7.1 million square foot Hisun factory, the top three Hisun dealers in the U.S. flew to Beijing for tours of the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. Some photo highlights are below.

The dragon-shaped Pangu Plaza near the Olympic village in Beijing.
The Bird’s Nest Olympic stadium in Beijing.
Hisun Motor USA’s top three dealers for 2015 made the journey to China to visit the factory and tour Beijing, including this stop at the Great Wall: (from left) Javaughn and Bridgette Spencer of Lowcountry Powersports; Dave and Dawn Luce of TNT Automotive Sales, Inc.; and Dave and Christine Ballard of Ballard Golf Cars and Power Sports.
A view of a greener Beijing from atop the Pearl Market shopping mall.
Dealers were proud to show off their finds at the Pearl Market mall in Beijing.

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